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Kristof Laermans
— Was born on July 23d, 1982 in in the city of Turnhout, Belgium.
Kristof Laermans - Belgian pastry chef-chocolatier, winner of European culinary contests, master of belgium pastry school Ter Groene Poorte, a supplier of desserts for the king’s table since 1830. Kristof’s desserts were highly appreciated by show-business stars, such as Nicolas Lombaerts, Jennifer Lopez, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lenny Kravitz, Fedor Emelyanenko, Jean-Claude Van Damme as well as the presidents of European countries and high-ranking government officials. On the basis of many years of success Kristof started his own production in the village Tervolovo (Leningrad Region) that supplies hundreds of cafes and restaurants in Russia with highest-quality desserts.
2000 – Jacques Saey (Belgium)
World Champion Title for Working With Hot Sugar.
2001 – Jacques Saey (Belgium)
World Champion Title among chocolatiers.
2002 – George Boute (Belgium)
World Champion Title among chocolatiers.
2005 – «Golden Kulina» (Russia)
Winner in the category “Best Dessert”.
2005 – «Golden Kulina» (Russia)
Second in the category “Art of Chocolate”.
Production of cakes and pastries at the Kristof confectionery factory
The production of cakes and pastries by Kristof Laermans was founded in 2007 in St. Petersburg. Initially, the factory was a supplier of refined frozen desserts for large federal retail chains ("OK", "Перекресток", "Лента", "Карусель" and many others). The most famous production was brought by the Tiramisu cake, awarded in 2011 with the "Innovative Product of St. Petersburg" award.

Having gained fame and becoming a major producer of cakes, the factory faced the problem of further development. Working with networks slowed down growth and did not allow us to reveal the full range of production possibilities - we always wanted to create more complex and non-trivial confectionery solutions, the way to which lies through high-quality ingredients. To this end, we entered the HoReCa market, having established the production of cakes and pastries for restaurants, cafes, hotels, gas stations, etc.

Further work in this direction allowed us to increase the line of cakes and pastries by 5 times! At the moment, the factory produces over 50 different confectionery products that can satisfy the needs of any institution. We cooperate with such companies as «IKEA», «KFC», «McDonalds», «W Hotels», «Gazpromneft», «Azimut Hotels», «Shell», «Park Inn», «BP», «Neste» and many others.
Food-Production Safety and Quality
Food production safety management system in compliance with GOST ISO 22000-2007 (ISO 22000:2005) has been certified and used in the factory since 2015. The company fulfills the requirements stated by the law of the Russian Federation. An international certifying system FSSC has been integrated since 2016. In 2020 we confirmed that food production safety management system designed by LLC Globus Elite is in compliance with the requirements of food production certification scheme FSSC 22000 (Version 5).
Phone number:
+7 (812) 986 42 50 (from 9.00 till 18.00)
+7 (812) 426 85 99 (from 9.00 till 18.00)

188351, Leningrad Region,
Gatchina District, village Tervolovo,
Leningradskaya street, 12-13

Office working hours:
Mon – Fri (from 9.00 till 18.00)
Weekends : Sat, Sun (as well as national holidays)

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