Frozen cakes are one of dessert menu staples in cafes, hotels and restaurants. It’s a classic that manifests in every way — shape, taste, recipe and the quality of performance.

Regardless of the place’s speciality and cuisine, the use of frozen cakes is the only right and rational way to create a high-quality dessert menu and avoid big costs. This is a great solution for chefs that find it hard to maintain a pastry shop.

Fortunately, our factory’s pastry chef Kristof Laermans knows all the hardships of food service industry first hand. He based the menu on his own personal experience that he got working in European bakeries, pastry shops, restaurants and hotels. Nobody understands how important it is to present the buyer with a familiar format and make him feel cozy like Kristof Laermans.

We are the wholesalers of frozen cakes to the following companies: W Hotels, Azimut Hotels, GazPromNeft gas station chain, IKEA and many others.
— Time-tested golden standard of dessert menu
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