“Tiramisu” Gold Cake 500 gr
The base of the cake is a sponge with a layer of vanilla mousse and caramelized nuts. Over it goes another layer of sponge soaked with fruit syrup and also a layer of sponge soaked in fruit syrup and a layer of yogurt mousse with white chocolate. The cake is covered in fruit gel and decorated with whipped cream.

Nutrition value per 100g:
proteins 3,6g; fats 16,7g; carbohydrates 30,2g.
Ø = 26 cm
1600 gr
12 portions
610 x 305 x 170 mm / 4 pieces
1740 gr
36 boxes
360 days
at t ( -18 )º С
120 hours
at t ( 4±2 )º С
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